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So excited that you found this area of the Emely Roman & Co. platform! This is where all of our resources, programs, and courses live. 

Our mission is to equip you with all that you need in order to become a master marketer or branding professional and empower you to build an executive brand as a launchpad to build your legacy and share your body of work! 

We also want to connect traditional corporate communities with the online female entrepreneur who provides B2B services. 

We are committed to serving you with excellence. Welcome! 

Available Products

The Micro Firm Accelerator

Supercharge your executive brand, amplify your sales, and stand out in the marketing and branding industries with The Micro Firm Accelerator.

Client Locator Mini-Course

🔑Unlock the secrets to consistently finding high-quality clients with our Client Locator Mini-Course. Designed exclusively for women in marketing and branding, this focused course provides actionable strategies to locate your ideal clients, build a reliable system, and ultimately grow your business. Stop guessing and start strategizing—your pathway to dependable client acquisition starts here.

The M75 Club

Every month, we deliver a total of 75+ high-value enterprise and funded start up opportunities straight to your inbox, positioning you for growth, revenue, and success. Say goodbye to endless searching and hello to a world of possibilities. This email is sent every Friday! 

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